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Matt's Influences

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I know Matt is a big Pete Townshend fan - Double Life and Ex-Pats, among others. I would wager a little Godspeed You Black Emporer came into play during Avelanche. He references Judas Priest on Underdogs (although the music doesn't necessarily betray this interest). It was metioned before that he pulled WLRRR's title from a Velvet Underground album. Empty Road is Johnny Cash-ish.


What other influences do you hear in his music - early or current? Anyone know where his early folk-singer singing style was pulled from?

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who's 'Godspeed', I've never heard of them.

Godspeed You! Black Emporer is a Canadian (I think Montreal-based) instrumental tentet. There music is bizarre and oddly appropriate on every occasion - it's sometimes spooky, sometimes fun. Always complex and pretty riveting to listen to.


Matt metioned them in an interview once, I think.

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more than likely it was because you were talking about NF$ ...but, i don't know for sure so don't hold me to that. ....besides, it's only 20% man... and, if you didn't post about it no one would ever even know.


but, talk to crusader or guitarchick....


i'd just suggest (b/c i went and re-read all of your current posts from the link on your profile) be careful on the way that you word things and quit talking about the NF bucks.


i think you've been doing well for a while (unlike your nasty start here)... so, i'm unsure about the warning. ...like i said PM crusader and guitarchick.

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