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Lyrics (I spent time writing these out)


Here's a llama

There's a llama

And another little lamma

Fuzzy llama

Funny llama

llama, llama



llama, llama

cheesecake llama,


tablet, brick, potato


llama llama

mushroom llama

llama llama


I was once a treehouse

I lived in a cake

but I never saw the way

the orange slayed the rake

I was only three years dead

but it told the tale

and now listen little child

to the safety rail

did you ever see a llama kiss a llama on the llama

Llama's llama taste of llama

llama llama



half a llama

Twice the llama

not a llama

Farmer, llama

llama in a car,

llama llama

alarm a llama

llama llama


is that how its told now

is it all so old?

is it made of lemon juice

doorknob, ankle, cold

now my song is getting thin

I've run out of luck

it's time for me to retire now and become a duck!

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