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Matthew Good [band] Elimination

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We are now down to the elite list of 12. From now on, any song that is defeated will continue (in a loser's section of sorts -- to help for placements of the final top 12.)


To get us started with Round 4 here is group A


Results From Group C

1) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 19 vs A Boy and His Machine Gun 12

2) Born To Kill 14 vs Avalanche 17

3) Strange Days 19 vs The Future is X-Rated 12



- THAT round had the most votes ever!! Thanks for participating AGAIN!!!! ;)

- That Born To Kill vs Avalanche matchup was quite nice!

- The top 12.. no song goes home without a placement. The losers do get to see another day!



1) Failing The Rorschach Test (48-17 --- Ranked #5) vs Giant (43-20 –Ranked #11)

---“Failing The Rorschach Test” defeated:

Round 1: Song For The Girl 17-4

Round 2: Indestructible 16-3

Round 3: Near Fantastica 15-10

---“Giant” defeated:

Round 1: She’s Got a New Disguise 12-4

Round 2: Fated 15-7

Round 3: Hello Time Bomb 16-9

My Pick: Failing The Rorschach Test.. I just love the music and the lyrics are superb!

Prediction: Although Giant finished 5th in March Madness.. I’m thinking Failing The Rorschach Test gets the victory and moves to the top 6.


2) Prime Time Deliverance (49-20 --- Ranked #10) vs Advertising on Police Cars (53-20 --- Ranked #6)

---“Prime Time Deliverance” defeated:

Round 1: In Love With a Bad Idea 16-4

Round 2: Lullaby For The New World Order 17-5

Round 3: Sort of a Protest Song 13-11

---“Advertising on Police Cars” defeated:

Round 1: Let’s Get It On 14-7

Round 2: Under The Influence 19-3

Round 3: The Rat Who Would Be King 20-10

My Pick: Ohhh.. this was a TOUGH one, but only because I hate seeing PTD lose.. but I HAVE to go with Advertising on Police Cars, it’s too unbelievably spectacular.

Prediction: I’m thinking Advertising on Police Cars takes it.. I hope it does!


3) Weapon (55-18 -- Ranked #4) vs My Out of Style is Coming Back (50-20 --- Ranked #7)

---“Weapon” defeated:

Round 1: Middle Class Gangsters 17-4

Round 2: I, The Throw Away 19-3

Round 3: Tripoli 19-11

---“My Out of Style is Coming Back” defeated:

Round 1: Vermillion 20-3

Round 2: Havent’t Slept in Years 14-8

Round 3: Omissions of the Omen 16-9

My Pick: Weapon.. such a perfect combination of a slow vocal driven song.. and an upbeat go get em tune!

Prediction: Well My Out of Style is Coming Back I’m sure has surprised some people for making it past the ranks of Truffle Pigs, Tripoli, Symbolistic White Walls and even with the HUGE surprise over Omissions of the Omen.. I know I was shocked.. I think this is where its Cinderella run ends. Weapon ought to take it.

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1) Failing The Rorschach Test (bit of a tough choice... but such a good song!)

2) Advertising On Police Cars (PTD is wicked, but can't quite take AOPC in my books)

3) Weapon (without a doubt)



... see look I gave you little reasons next to my choices! just like you asked! ...

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Giant - Not sure, this song just has that up-beatness to it, that I like.


Prime Time Deliverance - Can't go wrong here, it's got that slow, calming melody


Weapon - With a mix between soft and hard, and sounding amazing live, who could NOT vote for it?

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1) Giant - I had to actually sit down and listen to both of these. I did Failing first and thought, yup, awesome song. Then I listend to Giant and it took maybe 2 lines after the K-I-C-K-A-S-S part and I had decided.

2) Prime Time Deliverence - I have always loved this song...but AOPC is so good too...sigh. But I'll stick with PTD

3) Weapon - My Out of Style is Coming Back has never been one of my favourites so this was pretty easy

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1) Giant

2) Advertising On Police Cars

3) Weapon


Pretty easy stuff. But I hate you for making me choose between Prime Time Deliverance and Advertising. Giant was a tough choice, but Weapon was no contest whatsoever.

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