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Ben Folds Appreciation Thread

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Oh Ben Folds, with their classic single of Rockin' the Suburbs, who could forget that song being played on the radio day in and day out? Actually, many people have forgotten. When do you ever hear somebody say "Hey, Ben Folds rocks!"? NEVER, that's when! If you mention him/them chances are the response will be "Oh yeah, I remember him." or "Who?". Spread the wealth of music! Sure, we can't supply the world with a every forgotten and unheard of band, but Bend Folds is an artist who mustn't be forgotten.


For clarification; I like Ben Folds.

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I think all the Ben Folds Five records were great, especially "Naked Baby Photos", it's great collection that show off their fun side and their genius.


If you can find it, there's a really good live version of "Smoke" that features a string arangement in the background. It's good.


And check out the Ben Folds Live album. "Rock This Bitch" is genius.

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Eight years ago (oh to be 17 again) I went to the HORDE Festival in Verona and saw Ben Folds for the first time. After the show everyone seemed to be pretty occupied with Beck being on the opposite stage, so we got to hang out with him. I kept in touch with Robert Sledge's girlfriend for about a year and she got me a few free backstage passes, autographs, all kinds of stuff.


Those were the days.

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