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Saskatoon Concert

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Well the Stoon concert rocked out big time. Some songs that he played were... 21th century living,Put out your lights, poor mans grey, little terror, blue skies over badlands,carmelina, The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production(First Time Ever Played Live),Load Me Up, Hello Time Bomb, Can't get shot in the back...,Weapon,Apparitions,The Future Is X-Rated. In no particular order.


Limblifter was awesome, the bassist was tres sexy. Auf Der Maur was high energy but so so.


Matt was talkative and funny tonight. All in all an exciting time was had by all.

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"You can't get shot in the back if you don't run" Rocked my world, it was fucking awesome.


I though the crowd was going to gang beat the guy that yelled "Shut up and sing" I mean fuck, if matt wants to talk let him talk. I hate those assholes.



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You could tell that guy wasn't a big Matt Fan. He took it pretty well though but really was it neccesary for him to tell him to shut up and sing? Part of the Matt package is the message like it or not. It's not like he lectured for an hour. I thought the crowd was kind of weak at this concert. During the break before the encore the crowd wasn't very loud at all in my opinion. Still a great show.

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I probably saw you, I was against the rail on the left hand side a bit to the left of Christian. The people around me weren't really into it. I should have moved more to the middle where people were rocking out harder. Next time...

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I'm so pissed that I haven't seen him at all on this tour! But it's getting harder and harder to get down to Vancouver for shows. I really wanted to see the show on the 10th, since it was a day before my birthday! Then i find out that my friend who works at a radio station in Ft. McMurray, Alta got to interview Matt the other day when he played a show there!! Grrr. I'm bitten by the jealousy bug.

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Yea the show last night was AWESOME!

I went to the one four(?) months ago with Wil (who was also amazing) and I liked Matt's set this time round alot more.

Not saying the other one wasn't any good, just liked this one better.

I was round the middle rockin out just behind the railing.


I loved that Matt was doing lots of talking, I love that at a show!

Except for a couple stupid girls that thought they were better then everyone else and tried to push their way to the front in front of the people who'd been there since 7:30, the crowd didn't seem that bad.


I still didn't get my Strange Days played though ;)

I'd also kill to hear Ommissions of the Omen, but wishful thinking nowadays I think.


*edit* Shot in the Back blew my mind.

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poor crusader... welcome to the unjust world known as Earth...


I haven't even heard the god damn song yet so shove it (I so deserve to be banned for that.... but you won't cause you love me.... which you don't cause I'm a loud mouth jerk... but that doesn't matter cause you love me.... yet it does because I talk through my ass and nobody likes that..... and so on)


It's because I can never download it.... I always get disconnected... I've wasted so much on that song... must get it!

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