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Regina Show

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Got back about 2 hours ago from the show, and I'm still pumped over it. Once again Matt never ceases to amaze me as a live performer. He also had a good amount of interaction with the crowd, with his usual political banter but also a good conversation about a KISS cover band that was playing later in the month at The State. Very humourous indeed

Limblifter was very good as well, but their set was too short. Especially since its the hometown of the Dahles.

I was actually quite impressed with Auf der Maur. It's good to see Melissa as the frontwoman in a band, she definitely has the charisma it takes to pull it off.


Here's Matt's setlist from the show. I'm 99% sure this was the order.


Blue Skies Over Bad Lands


Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man's Grey

In Love With A Bad Idea

Hello Time Bomb

The Rat Who Would Be King

Alert Status Red

North American For Life

Little Terror

Its Been A While Since I Was Your Man




The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production

Load Me Up


Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run

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yeah, Matt did an amazing job of Can't get shot. Especially since he was talking about being sick the whole show, but he sure didn't sound it.

I also thought it was strange to start with Blue Skies. I also thought we were going to get 21st Century Living since there were microphones set up by Rich and Christian.

I was also surprised that nobody brought up the shoe incident, although it was discussed at the June show. Matt did say though he was happy the show was moved to The State, since its one of the few "Dirty Rock Clubs" left in Canada (I bet playing at the agribition building with the smell of cow crap everywhere would have been real nice too though). But definitely a good show, well worth the 30 bucks and most likely failing a midterm today due to lack of studying.

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