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Best Vampire Movie?

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I've seen quite a few, but mostly as a little kid, so the only one I saw recently enough to really remember was Blade, which wasn't all that great...


Oh I almost forgot, also saw that Van Helsing pile of crap, I didn't wanna see it, but my girlfriend has this bizarre obsession with vampires... so she dragged me along to see it. Both us were in deep regret after having seen it ;)

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I already am I vampire... minus the whole immortal, deamon thing.... and the blood sucking... for instance:


1) I hate the light

2) can't stand Garlic

3) don't have a reflection in the mirror






wait.... scratch the last one... therefore I'm just an average teenage kid.

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My friend in Germany loves vampire movies so I have been subjected to more than enough of them. I really liked The Lost Boys and Shadow of the Vampire.


In Interview with the Vampire the scene where the guys licks the razor that Tom Cruises character cuts himself on freaks me out. I can bearly watch it.

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