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'put Out Your Lights' On Fox Baseball!

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they play matt good a lto in my gym when i'm there cause i bring it and weasal my way into the equipment room where the cd thing is and then everyone has to listen and has to like it muah ha ha ha but i'm never in the gym cause well its the gym i only was last year cause gyms required kindergarden to grade10 but i'm done woot woot

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Everyone has probably already seen this on his site but just in case...


I've Been Foxed?!

I’ve received numerous e-mails from Virginians and Marylanders who claim to have heard part of “Put Out Your Lights” on a regional DC Fox broadcast of the National League final between Huston and St. Louis on Wednesday night.


It comes as a bit of a shock, obviously, given the agenda of the Fox network and my views about it. Preliminary inquiries seem to indicate that television stations can, in fact, use a single, limited clip in a live broadcast without requiring license. When license is required, the artist may then decide not to allow the use of their material, which I obviously would have in this case.


That said, go Sox.

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