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Mg Concert Set-lists?

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It usually varies but as of now it's:


Put out your lights

Poor man's grey

In love with a bad idea


It's been a while since I was your man

North american for life


Little terror

Alert status red

Blue skies over bad lands

Hello time bomb



Big city life (the "new" song)

Load me up

Empty road


Something like that.

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trust me moonlight, the set is amazing. Everything worked well together, the only song that was missing for me was The Fine Art of Falling Apart, but I know that's not much of a concert song, so I'll live. Besides, Apparitions and the 2 unreleased songs (big city life, can't get shot) make it more than blissful.

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yah, not to mention you get HTB and Carmalina/Load Me Up... what more can you ask for anyways.... he can't play all his songs.. he'd be there forever..... now... if he axed Auf and Limblifter... that would be nice... he could add like 6 songs in there....

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i loved it when he played the rat who ould be king. That song is so great live...


also i do belive that thats the vancouiver show...and that thats the only compleate set list that was published on here. (I tryed with the kamloops show but it was incompleate)


my point is that the set list there is very simmiler to the kamloops set list.

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i've been to 10 shows over the las few years. 9 of them i wrote out the set list after the show. (the first show i regretably got too drunk to remember much) I must say, i've never seen the same show. All 10 have had different set lists. if you're really interested i can dig them out and post.

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