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October 23/november 5

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is anyone else going to either/both of these? im going to both and i can't wait, it'll be my thrid and fourth time (respectively) seeing mr. good (thrice this year). oct. 23 is my birthday and i'm hoping if i bring a sign saying it is, that matt will play fated or something.. think he would do anything like that?

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erweenga is the name of the striped worm.. *if anyone knows where thats from.. ill give you a big prize!*


But wait.. since he doesnt use the glasses.. what if he cant read the sign properly and he thinks it says "please play future is x RATED.." haha that would be funny..

Matt: This next dealy is dedicated to the girl with the sign! *plays FXR*

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I'm there nov. 5th, bloodflame will be there... we should all meet up.... all with signs to play fated... let's see him refuse that.... strength comes in numbers.... anyways.... send me a personal msg and we'll sort out where we'll meet and such.... I CANT WAIT FOR NOV.5th lol.....

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