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Matthew Good (band) Elimination

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Results From Group C

1) Failing The Rorschach Test 12 vs Giant 17

2) Born To Kill 14 vs Advertising on Police Cars13

3) Weapon 25 vs My Out of Style is Coming Back 4



- Well I’m surprised as heck to see FTRT and AoPC out. I thought they could have both easily made it to the top 5.

- Weapon ends MOOSICB’s awesome Cinderella run.



1) Apparitions (62-7 --- Ranked #1) vs Avalanche (44-31 –Ranked #12)

---“Apparitions” defeated:

Round 1: The War is Over 19-1

Round 2: Jenni’s Song 17-2

Round 3: Alert Status Red 26-4

---“Avalanche” defeated:

Round 1: Symbolistic White Walls 13-7

Round 2: Antipop 14-10

Round 3: Born To Kill 17-14

My Pick: I gotta go with the song that made me first fall in love with Our Lady Peace… APPARITIONS!!!!! Haha.. remember when it was MGB vs OLP back in 2000???

Prediction: I think Avalanche has the balls to knock off the #1 ranked song..


2) Suburbia (46-19 --- Ranked #8) vs Strange Days (57-16 --- Ranked #3)

---“Suburbia” defeated:

Round 1: Blue Skies Over Badlands 11-5

Round 2: Invasion I 20-4

Round 3: Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 15-10

---“Strange Days” defeated:

Round 1: Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance 22-1

Round 2: Flashdance II 16-3

Round 3: The Future is X-Rated 19-12

My Pick: Suburbia.. I love both songs so much.. but Suburbia just is in my top 3.

Prediction: I think Suburbia can knock off the #3 rated Strange Days.


3) While We Were Hunting Rabbits (51-22 -- Ranked #9) vs Running For Home (58-14 --- Ranked #3)

---“While We Were Hunting Rabbits” defeated:

Round 1: Hopeless 18-2

Round 2: The Inescapable Us 14-8

Round 3: A Boy and His Machine Gun 19-12

---“Running For Home” defeated:

Round 1: Carmelina 19-4

Round 2: Man From Harold Wood 23-1

Round 3: Load Me Up 16-9

My Pick: I gotta go with While We Were Hunting Rabbits.. both song are incredible.. but the emotion in WWWHR is just too much.

Prediction: I think WWWHR takes out the #2 ranked Running For Home.


Wow, the top 3 ranked songs could ALL be eliminated. How crazy is that????

Happy voting!


P.S. I hate you all (collectively) for eliminating FTRT and AoPC.. that's like animal cruelty at it's worst. A part of me died when I had to tally and close that thread..I hope the 17 people who voted Giant and the 16 who voted Prime Time are happy... they killed the hopes and dreams of a young child. So would anyone like to tell me who's the most unhappy 13 year old in the world. No really.. tell me.. because I dont know. (haha.. im not 13.. i just act like i am)

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I can't fuckin' decide, so I'll go with Strange Days, since it's the song that got me into MG <3

While We Were Hunting Rabbits (another insanely hard decision)


This is hard.

I vote Truffle Pigs for the wild card.

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Hmm.. I was thinking about doing that.. i.e. bringing back songs that lost too early.. but the way this is set up.. everything works out perfectly even lol.


Losers From Round 4 go to a vote off round. Everyone votes off 2 songs.. those 2 songs face each other.. winner is 11th place loser is our official 12th place.


The 4 losers from round 4 that dont get voted off.. will be paired as the highest rank vs lowest rank and then 2nd vs 3rd.. losers of those matches are paired for the 9th place match.. and the 2 winners go to the 7th place match.


Same dealie for the winners from round 4 to round up the top 6.. but I'll see if I can somehow incorporate wildcards of some sort.. I know a lot of people would like EIA, SWW, T-Pigs (haha sounds like a rapper) and other back. But if they lost already to a song that also lost, then well their chances are shot anyway. i.e. T-Pigs lost to Load Me Up. since LMU lost to Running for Home.. then logically speaking.. T=Pigs would lose to RFH. Thats the thing that prevents me from using wildcards... sorry rosie.


and I hate you guys for not voting suburbia!!! you're monsters!! EVIL EVIL MONSTERS! I'm just kidding.. I love everyone here! Except you ;) haha

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