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Selling “ultimate Spider-man” #1-11 Comics

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Hi, I’m selling Ultimate Spider-Man #4-11, all first print, un-read, & Direct Editions. They are all near-mint, except for the rare #5 issue which has a small blemish line on the bottom right corner of the cover. (This blemish must have been made during printing or original shipping, because it was like this when I first bought the comic when it originally came out. It never sat on the shelf because it was placed directly into my account at my comic store when it arrived.) This is a good chance to get #5 at a discounted price.


Along with #4-11, I’ll include a copy of “Ultimate Spider-Man: Collected Edition” which reprints issues #1-3, and is also near-mint, first-print, un-read, & Direct Edition (this “Collected Edition” came out right after the original issues were released. It is the rare first ever reprint of these issues and has a value of $25 according to ComicsPriceGuide.com).


Like I stated before, all issues are un-read & never sat on the shelf since they were placed directly into my drop-account at my comic store when they first arrived. So they have barely ever been touched by human hands minus the store dropping them into bags-and-boards.


I’m asking $170 (or $215 Canadian) for the whole lot. Here’s the price breakdown, listing my price, then the price its worth according to www.ComicsPriceGuide.com:


Ultimate Spider-Man

#1-3 (Collected Edition) – asking $10 ($25 value)

#4 – asking $25 ($30 value)

#5 – asking $50 ($70 value)

#6 – asking $20 ($25 value)

#7 – asking $20 ($25 value)

#8 – asking $15 ($20 value)

#9 – asking $10 ($17 value)

#10 – asking $10 ($15 value)

#11 – asking $10 ($15 value)


TOTAL = $170 U.S. (or $215 Canadian)


I’m selling as a lot and won’t break it up. All comics come bagged & boarded. Sorry, I only ship to US and Canada. If interested or have any questions please drop me a PM. If you’d like a pic of the blemish on the cover of issue #5 I could probably get one for ya.

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