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cd release (June 15, 2004)

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June 2004 will see the release of “White Light Rock & Roll Review”. The first single from the record, “Alert Status Red", can be heard on radio as of May 4. The single will also be for sale on Puretracks as of May 4.


http://matthewgood.net/ is also updated.

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Hi all,


My name is Juanpe, I'm from Madrid (Spain) and I'm new here. I am absolutely in love with this band since I first heard Matt's Beautiful midnight in a university trip to Vancouver some years ago. Since then I have been updating from such a long distance with Matt's materials and I can't wait to get his new album...


It's being an effort to keep in touch with his music because nobody knows him in Spain and I live pretty far away to even go to his concerts :-( - it is just a dream which I hope one day can be true: being able to see him live - or get materials which are only available for you guys, Canadians... but thanks to the Internet and nice people who provide me with help to get his materials I can have all his materials, but still, there some B-sides and new songs I can't get in any way...


Anyways, that I love his music, his voice, his lyrics, his commitment with social issues... and that I am very happy to have been able to at least have access to his music :-)


Sorry for this long message and thanks for reading it


Hugs and kisses from Madrid, Spain



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