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Where Can I Find Music Mgb Videos?

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I was just somewhere the other day that had Apparitions and Weapon and a few others but i can't remember where and it's driving me nuts! Is there anywhere you can go to see them all? Or any?


Ha... and that should be Mgb music videos. Am I being anal for editing just to point that out so as not to give away the extent of my moronicness (if such a word exists)? Probably. You decide.

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this is like the millionth time i've seen someone ask about the hub.


its in a fuckin pinned thread for god sakes!! do none of you look!?!? i mean seriously... sorry if i sound like an asshole, thats not the intention, but a blind man could find that thread! ;)

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excluded? wtf.

you registered last month. i've been here since march.

you're very noobish, and it shows by your comments too...



but whatever. i'm finished here. i have more important things to do in more important places, with less arrogent people.



hate me if you want, it wont make any dramatic changes in my life ;)

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sorry for being like an asshole ;)


i've been having a tough time lately... just sensitive :angry:

there's just too much shit going on in my life right now.

stuff i wont get into, 'cause this really isn't the place i want to talk about it

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