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Day After Tomorrow

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I've been wanting to see this movie, ever since I saw the previews, which made it look really cool. So I rented it last last weekend. It turned out to be awful, and alot of things don't make sense. For example when the people are holed up in the library during the flood and the Russian cargo ship sails up to in front of the library. I must admit I've never navigated a superfreighter before, and my maritime experience is pretty limited; but I'm pretty sure a several-hundred-foot-long cargo ship would have some major difficulty cornering NY city streets in order to arrive at the library (especially without a crew ...which seems to have mysteriously disappeared) But ok, whatever, then the ship comes to a stop because it hits a submerged city bus. Not only am I not a ship's navigator, but I'm not a physics professor either, but I'm reasonably certain that a 5-ton bus wouldn't stop a ship that weighs thousands of tons. If that wasn't bad enough, these people holed up in the library know they lack food and supplies, yet they don't search the ship (which is loaded with enough food and medical supplies to last a ship's crew for months at sea) until the most inopportune moment to do so. Sure they had plenty of time, but they just had to make a run for the ship right before the storm made the temperature an unsurvivable low (and right before the computer generated wolves who somehow survived a massive flood and below-freezing temperature could try and chase them down).


Plus throw in some really bad and cliched dialog, and cheesy sub-plots.


That whole thing was just powerfully lame.

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I really enjoy these kinds of movies, not for the movie but i like the special effects and i absolutely love finding faults in the reality of movies. Being a physics major at university, movies like this and "the core" give me a delightful time pointing out what is wrong with that, why that cant happen etc.


I mean noone goes into these kinds of movies and expects the story to be true to real physical behaviour but i still enjoy watching and wondering how grown poeple can think this would really happen. I think we all know the chances of a supper storm destroying the northern hemisphere in couple of days. I would agree that mostly any movie in this end of the world genre is lame and clich riddled but it is so funny, everyone knows how it will end before its over because all of these kinds of movies have the exact same plot, just a different disaster.


My astro physics professor once spent 20 min discussing the inaccuracies in the move "the core" during a lecture on innerplanetary dynamics. It was priceless.

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although unrealisitic in many parts, i do think its good at showing that things are changing (albeit, considerable slower) and we need to make changed now before it really gets to the point where we can't survive.. and that will happen, just not in like a week..

alot of people actually like to believe this sort of thing isn't happening, when it is and we are all held responsible for it and can make some changes to help.

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The other thing that gets to me is how this movie attempts to be deep and profound. Think of the seen where the homeless guy was stuffing his clothes with pages from the books for insulation, and then hands a book for the rich kid to do the same...Ooh, the rich are lowered to the level of the poor in a struggle to survive, very original movie/story theme.

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i rented it the other day not expecting much...and i didnt get much but it did make a good movie to just watch and not think



worth the 5 bucks it cost to rent it im my opinion and hey the next movies i plan to rent arnt much better *cough* dawn of the dead *cough*)

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