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Wlrrr Is Golden

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I can't believe LOTGA went gold.... noone likes that album except for diehards.. who goes out and goes... I want to buy my first MG album.... do u have LOTGA?!?!?

Ha! Well, you might be onto something there. Ghetto is one of my favorite records though, so my opinion isn't valid for that determination. Also, in my case, LOTGA was the only thing available (ie released) when I first got into Matt....christ, I'm dating myself now.


The point is, you're right. Without an instantly recognizable song on the back tracklisting to draw in a new listener, LOTGA will fall into the "last owned" category 9 out of 10 times.

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yah, and I'm by no means saying that I don't like LOTGA.... I love every song on that album.... uncluding Every Name is My Name.... so eat that non-believers.... (referring to those who don't believe.... in what? I don't know.)

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