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Live In Ottawa

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Last night was the first time that I saw Matt live since he released avalanche and wlrrr. I personally thought that the live versions of blue skies and avalanche were totally amazing. It was just so much more powerful than on the album. Some might say that it might just be that it's live and it always sounds better live, but I argue that there was a lot more improvisation and kick ass riffs. Any thoughts?

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You're damn right... blue skies gave me chills the whole way through so did the rat who would be king .. and many others.


When the frontman for Limblifter said we were gonna see Matt at his best ever, he couldn't have been more right. They were flat out fuckin awesome. It was great seeing Matt really into it compared to back when he walked off during Weapon a couple years ago. I can't remember a concert I enjoyed more then last nights'.

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God, I'll never understand the people who feel the need to throw something at the performer, and call themselves fans. It's insane...


I totally agree!! I mean, seriously, you pay $30 (going for an average here) to throw something at someone? Why not just sit on the street and do it for free (and then hopefully get arrested). I just don't get that at all.

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