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Congrats Matt

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don't be a smart-ass

I don't think it was a smart-ass remark, it was alluding to the fact that Matt is awesome and of course he will win more awards! Then again, the awards don't make the artist either, so...

Thanks for clearing up that little misunderstanding ;).

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Obviously that "comparison" holds no weight. Good Charlotte is a hugely popular band - does this make them better? Of course not.

It's the quality of the music - not the quantity moved – that counts.

Matt and his band are the only people that are affected by the sales, and clearly thay don’t give a damn.


That said, it’s nice to see that some people are still out there buying his music.

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if anyone can give me the information about how well each album did in terms of sales it would be greatly appreciated.... there's six plaques in that picture, does that mean he went 6 times gold or the album is just a gold record now... ?? anyway yea if anyone knows for sure that would be great .. thanks a lot guys

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