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Rorschach Test

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umm... wrong again hobo... I'll tell you how u fail it... you fail it if "mother tells you to be something" and then you're afraid..... okay, smart ass..


moving on.... in actuality it can be failed if u don't respond to it? right?

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I think it means intoxicated/drunk or possibly dead... since they put dimes over corpses's eyes.


"I see me killing you with a rather large knife."

"That one too. This time with an ink blot."

"Yep, killed you again but with my car this time."

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Im pretty sure that when he says "dimed" hes refering to everyone having been sold off for a price. some people use the expression to say things like "oh, that clock was dimed at $50" or anything like that. In this case matt used it to refer to society. Classic Matt.



And you can fail the rorschach test by responding to what it looks like as "Me. having sex with your mother!" every time.

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WTF kind of hypothesis was that THE MAN. You are clearly dimed (aka high on drugs) to come up with that reponse....


Lol, you like how I threw that in... I know, I'm proud of myself...


Anyways, clearly I live to prove THE MAN wrong... so he can sod off now.

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"Failing the Rorschach Test" is one of my fav song titles by Matt. so cool.


Also, i think "So Long Mrs. Smith" is some sort of story about school, and leaving a BS school. Mrs. Smith is a teacher, and Edison is another school that he's going to go to after when he leaves. and yes i believe Mrs. Smith is just a generic name.

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They don't use the Rorschach Test anymore. The original Rorschach test allowed the subjects an infinite period of time to responded, and the ability to change there answers. The new version (the Stanford-Berkley Rorschach test I believe, but don't quote me) standardizes the time frames and number of responses as to place a measure of control on the test.


I tried a couple of slang dictionaries for "dimed" but could find nothing. I must have something to being disconnected (given it's context).



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