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Yorkfest Show Now Available For Download!

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it's a flac file. you need a media player that plays flac

But how would you import it into your MD Player?

i'm not familiar with MD.. but i know that MD's native audio format is flac, so i assume you could just burn it onto a mini-disc and play it

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sorry, i don't know what a flac file is, or a player, or much of anything. can someone spell out step by step what i do now that i have downloaded the whole file. thanks muchly!

hey there...here's what I usually do with these shows...


first, download and install DBPowerAmp music converter here: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm


this will allow you to convert the show into whatever file format you'd like (WAV, MP3, etc)...


then, download the FLAC codec here (the converter doesn't come with it, so you'll have to install this as well)...


once you install these, you can convert the FLAC file into whatever format you'd like to listen to...


I don't care if you convert them into MP3 (unlike other tapers), however, keep it to personal use and don't sell this show...and please share freely...



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thanks. i got it working now. it's great. how can i 'seed' it so that others can get it off me?

just put the torrent file you downloaded into the folder with the FLAC file...then just click on the torrent file and it'll scan the existing FLAC file...once it sets up, it'll show that you are uploading (not downloading)...and then you'll be seeding!

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i don't think i'll ever be able to download this. i've had nothing but error messages so far

are you behind a firewall? that might be a problem...


otherwise, i'd just leave the window open for 20 minutes...if you don't connect by then, i'm not sure what the problem is...

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oh man, i am so lost. I tried to download the Torrent, but i failed. i don't even know what a torrent is, and i don't know about the whole DC++ thing on the hub. i wish OkComputers were simple. is there a simple way to just download rare MG(B) songs?

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How big is the file? I started to get it, but not sure if I got it all. I only have 44.5 megs so I doubt it. Also, I couldn't get the conversion to work. It said it couldn't find the proper codec even though I installed the FLAC codec... perhaps this is because the file wasn't complete? I dunno.


Also, I tried to re-download but it says the file no longer exist. This true? Thanks for you help.

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Hmmmm.. well I defenitly don't have it all then.


keeps telling me that 11659 doesn't exist any more though..

And when I search through everything it jumps from 11658 to 11660...


"Torrent unknown!


A torrent with id 11659 doesn't exist on this tracker"



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it still doesn't save. it downloads in like a second, and i get the icon, but it's blank

you have to download and install BitTorrent first...you can get it here: http://bittorrent.com/


once you install it, click on the file you downloaded and it should start downloading...


and for the guy above who wanted the setlist:


1. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

2. Put Out Your Lights

3. Poor Man's Grey

4. In Love With A Bad Idea

5. Weapon

6. Alert Status Red

7. North American For Life

8. Little Terror

9. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man

10. Hello Time Bomb

11. Load Me Up

12. Apparitions



13. Big City Life

14. Buffalo Seven

15. Empty Road

16. Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run

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