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I mean no personal offense to anyone. I guess sometimes I long for some real discussion past all the idolizing. I think my qualm is that sometimes people really disagree with the way Matthew Good reinforces his "message." It's sad because he's got a good message, and he acts emotionally like everyone else does. That's why he's such a controversial person. His outlook is incredibly humane and very difficult to morally disagree with. However, I think that sometimes the way he quirps off-handed cheap shots with his blog is more critical than suggestive.


He's shutting people out for the same reason that people shut him out; because he just doesn't want to listen to them. Don't you think that he could possibly have a really good rally with the greater-population rather than be known as a "dickhead" by a fair share of the public? It's really not what you say... it's how you say it.


It just looks like a classic example of cognitive dissonance from the outside, that's all. Also known as being able to dish it and not take it.

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