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The Grudge

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i haven't seen it yet, i got a boy to take me to see it next weekend.


the plot:Karen Davis (SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR) is an American exchange student living in Japan with her live-in boyfriend and fellow student Doug (JASON BEHR). When not going to school, Karen volunteers for Alex (TED RAIMI) in providing hospice care for those confined to their homes. When she's informed that another such volunteer, Yoko (YOKO MAKI), didn't show up, Karen is sent to look after Emma Williams (GRACE ZABRISKIE), the elderly, senile mother to transplanted Americans Matthew (WILLIAM MAPOTHER) and Susan (KaDEE STRICKLAND).

Matthew's wife Jennifer (CLEA DuVALL) isn't particularly pleased to be in Japan since she doesn't read or speak the language, but neither she nor anyone else is around when Karen shows up to find the place in disarray and Emma speaking to people who aren't there. A series of spooky encounters in the house, however, shake Karen to the core, as it appears that anyone who enters will be haunted by the former occupants there or anywhere else they go.


As she tries to get to the bottom of what's occurring in the apparently haunted house, as does local cop Nakagawa (RYO ISHIBASHI), she discovers that it might have something to do with American professor Peter Kirk (BILL PULLMAN) who purposefully ended his life long before she arrived there.


note: matthew is married to jennifer.

thats all i got out of the plot summary.


good day.

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All the dirty things i could say to that. . . But i think i'll just end it there hehehe ;)


And i cant think of anything constructive to add to this post so i wont try, its late and this weeks midterms killed my brain. :angry:

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i don't think bill murray is in this movie..

i have yet to be scared by a horror movie.

its not like a boyfriend/girlfriend date, we're just going as friends. and i think i may have a petite crush on him.. teehee.. maybe i'll try to seduce him.


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me neither

anton, lets go together. i'll stand up that other boy..

edit: the boy who i used to take me to see f 9/11 just asked me to semi-formal with him. oh fudge...

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