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Although I'm almost positive no one else here went, I've decided that I'm going to yammer on about it anyways.


What a show. I was there early (okay, WAY too early) so I hung around, chatted with an assistant guy (Matt likes his water warm, not ice cold), and saw the singer from Limblifter, as well as Auf Der Maur and her crew.


The doors opened at eight, and I secured a place for myself - front row, center. Woo. Since things were going smoothly, and most people were already there when the doors opened, Limblifter came on at around 8:30 (the show was scheduled to start at 9). They were alright. After that Auf Der Maur played for quite some time - I don't think I'm a big fan of her music, but she sure is entertaining. Fun to watch.


Excluding a select few morons, the crowd was really well-behaved - the security was pretty tight as well. Very small venue - it was like, a quarter of the ice hockey rink. If I had to pull a number out of my ass, I'd say around 300 people were in attandance (maybe more, I don't really know).


I was lucky enough to befriend the security guard right in front of me, so when the show ended, he snatched a setlist pour moi.


21st Century Living


Alert Status Red

North American For Life

Little Terror

The Rat Who Would Be King

Hello Time Bomb

The Future Is X-Rated

-Flip A Coin- (He played Put Out Your Lights, Poor Man's Grey, and In Love With A Bad Idea)

Blue Skies Over Bad Lands


Apparitions (solo acoustic, *le sigh*)

Load Me Up, which morphed into......



I didn't expect to hear such a single-heavy setlist, but hey, you can't please everyone all the time. I sure as hell was pleased. Great concert - Matt wasn't very talkative, but the band rocked out, they seemed to be having a good time.




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If I had to pull a number out of my ass, I'd say around 300 people were in attandance (maybe more, I don't really know).

I WENT!!! ;)

I'd say there were more than 300...I'd have to say around 800.


My first Matthew Good concert, it was awesome! I've been waiting 3 years to go!

Matt and the band were incredible. I enjoyed the set, the highlights for me were: 21st Century Living, Weapon, Rat Who Would be King, Future is X-Rated, Blue Skies Over Badlands, and Apparitions.



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What kind of camera did you use?

Just a shitty disposable. I'm a little paranoid when it comes to using my nice camera, which is too bad, because the quality would have been so much better. Such is life - for what they are, they turned out fine. : )


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i was at that show! i drove 2 and half hours from cape breton to see it (he didnt stop here this time, as only about 200 people showed up for his last show here in the summer).



great show.. the only complaint i had was the high number of really young highschool kids running around. i'm sure half of them didnt even know who was playing. they were screaming, running around and hugging each other, and talked so loudly during the whole show. the two girls in front of me had their backs to the stage the entire time talking to some guy.. grrr.. and during the encore when he played aparitions acoustic, they were screaming "apparitions" really loudly and fast in between when matt would say it. if i wasnt such a nice guy, i woulda told them to shut up.



but overall i was pleased. and i was extremely happy with auf der maurs set. i met melissa afterwards, and she signed my cd (such a sweet lady).

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I know the "Apparitions" assholes you're talking about, and then there was that idiot shouting "PLAY SOMETHING I KNOW!".


Aside from these happenings, I thought that it was a exceptional crowd.


EDIT: Anton, I will go and do that.


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