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Do You Agree With Byron?

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Well for the last 2 weeks a group of students have been plastering all over the campus in chalk the words "Do you agree with byron?" For the first week it was just that and no more information. This week they began giving away who they were and who byron was. Turnes out its the campus crusade for christ doing it and byron is some random guy (obiously high up in thier organisation) trying to convey how god and jesus can change your life.


I am not a religous person so i ignored the message they were preaching. However, i find thier method ingenious. Everyone on campus heard about it and everyone who did absolutely had to find out "who the hell is byron". By now everyone on campus had heard of it and they began holding rallies where byron spoke. The actual stuff they speek seems rather arrogant as they are the fundamental christian type that believe that they are the only true belief system everyone else is wrong and going to hell. Being that the campus is very multicultural with every major religion in the world represented in rather high numbers it is not something i deem as appropriate.



But still their method is rather clever and the whole thing caused quite the uproar with the student population. Anyone have any oppinions on it?



You can check out the website at:


be warned there is very little real info at that site, half of it is extreme right wing religous propaganda and the other half is idiots screaming BS by means of the forum.

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right-wing? *runs away*


the problem with most christians is that they can't see the other side of things. of course, i think i'm right, i wouldn't believe this stuff if i thought it was wrong, but i can only tell people about it, all in truth, and it's up to them to make the decision. the bible says that if you tell about about Christ, you cannot be respondsible for their decision. shoving it down peoples throats will no one any good.

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K, wtf is going on.....


First things first.... the last couple of weeks at McMaster University chalk has appeared all over the campus, "Do You Agree With Dave?"... a second year civil engineer or something....


He's spouting the same b.s..... truly a disgrace... makes me feel ashamed to go to that school...


Anyways.... there are members of our school who are trying to fight this imperialistic evangelical bullshit...... lol.

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Really, i didnt realise the same thing was happening elsewhere. Must be some master plan to convert the heathens or something.


I dont understand the need to graphiti the entire campus, and force their beliefs down others throats. Most students here have complained a lot and i dout that the chalking will continue unless they want a war.


Very interesting to find out that its not just the fanatics here doing it.

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you mean the day of the unreligious is coming to an end...NOOOOOO


heh i should post my horribly irreverant school essay here....its fun...and some religious person is going to shoot me

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Its a free world. I'd be interested to read it and noone here will hold it against you. I find religion facinating mostly because i dont believe in it and i wonder why it has such a strong hold on some peoples lives. (i.e. the byron lovers, and aparantly also dave, jamie, etc. at other schools doing the same thing)

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