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The Fantastic Four

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Because a lot of the major productions get filmed there, and they don't take gaffers and best boys and set dressers with them from LA to Canada, they just get people from Canada. So people (some literally third or fourth generations on sets) have a lot harder time finding good paying or union work.

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The Vancouver Film industry is nothing new and I really can't see how it's hurting anyone now. It's been around for decades. True it's seen a lot of growth in the past few years, but there still lots of work in LA for all the trades people who work their.


I was only curious about where you were coming from because I work in the VAncouver film industry and I just don't see the connection to your point.

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i can see it....we have one pie...the great pie of "fim industry"...unfortunately only so many movies make up the pie...time was most of these peices were in california...now though many pieces are in Vancouver or Toronto in Canada...or Australia or New Zealand...that means an economy based around having most of the pie is now shrinking and laying people off....which is tradgic...but you know people in vancouver who didnt have jobs have them now....i guess its the way of the world, all great empires fall...and it just means california has to diversify its busines....BC used to have a booming forestry economy but that is rapidly declining...but movies are being made here and thats off setting it a bit... c'est la vie! (sp?)



oh and i heart comic movies...i grew up with comics, especially marvel ones...so i will have fun


apparently they want to make an ironman one now too...with tomc ruise as tony stark...and X3 was already filmed

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well the avengers is like EVERYONE...hell spiderman was an avenger for a while....and they are working on making an iron man movie...if the rumor mill is being honest they are thinking of tom cruise as Tony Sark

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