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If You Made A Mg Music Video....

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I'm thinking of a music video that runs in slow motion sorta.. like a dream sequence.. and it starts off gloomy and dark.. like a blue or greyish colour.. and you see a person crouched up beside a grave.. rockin back and forth.. slowly just pondering.. and its sorta zoomed in so you see the person, the tombstone and a little bit of the background of the graveyard..


I guess it should be raining.. and then when matt sings "hey mr chips.. hows the wife and all the kids...." the person looks up and closes his eyes.. and the camera goes into the guy's thought process and thinks back to the memories of him and the dead person.. so its like a flashback.. and the video slowly progresses *to coincide with the slowness of the song* throughout it.. and maybe after 2-3 scenes of the dead person enjoying his/her life.. then the story of the video unfolds.. and it shows corruption within the government and the

police (and youll see police cars with ads on them.. or cop cars covered with slogans that kill your morale).. which showcase corruption of the people in power.. And youll see the streets covered in pollution and lots of poor beggars with rags for clothes and theyre malnuritioned.. while the cops and people inside buildings are

in lavish clothing.. and as the song progresses.. its just basically showcasing the horrible life that people are living as those in power are evil.. and you see middle class people closing their windows and curtains as the people of power (i suppose the military) is walking down the streets kicking and shoving the many many beggars out of their way..


So the weather is dark and gloomy.. but not yet raining.. and you see a big fire amidst the whole chaos of the streets.. and around the fire a group of police officers who are tossing books and learning goods into the fire.. and theres a closeup of the book cover that reads "1984" and others such as "the bible" and then something innocent like "hansel and gretel.."


And then there 2 people are leaning against a cop car (and the cop car will say something like "No mind can go educated.") yet the 2 people are holding a book reading it.. (which signifies learning.. and the lyric "your death will sell you out as someone smart") and the 3-4 cops start to run towards them.. and they start beating down the guy who was holding the book.. with their batons.. and one cop pulls out a gun and shoots him.. but meanwhile the 2nd guy has run away.. and watches the first guy getting beaten up and finally shot (the screen doesnt show the actually shot.. just the cop pulling out a gun and you see the 2nd guy sitting in the fetal position in a corner.. watching and he's got watery eyes.. and you hear a bang.. and the screen flashes black.. to show like a forward motion of time.. and then it kinda flashes back to the graveyard.. but like to the time thats 5-10 min before the scene of the opening of the video.. and you see the 2nd guy standing at his friends grave.. and he looks solemn and has his head down.. and he pulls out a book and starts reading from it.. and you see tears rolling down his eyes.. and then he goes onto his knees

and rests his head on the tombstone.. as if to pray for his friend.. and when he looks up.. you get the exact same shot from the opening scene.. and this time the camera zooms out to show the whole picture.. and the guy is surrounded by the same cops.. and theyre all armed and pointing their guns at him.. and the screen starts to zoom away.. at the end of the song.. and it starts to get fuzzy.. (because when you back out.. the screen loses its focus) so its blurrier and blurrier.. but then you see the body of the guy.. go from being on his

knees to falling down onto his face and the 4 cops slowly walk away.. but one picks up the book and throws it in a nearby puddle.. and the ink from the pages is starting to run..

from the rain.. and the final slogan of the video appears as somethng motivational that touches on the importance of knowledge or fight for your freedom/rights.. then goes black..

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hmmm, where have I heard that one before Nation? lol, search bar next time please...


Anyways, I'd prolly go with Omissions of the Omen....


and it would just be MG with an acoustic, with his whole deep in thought singing/playing.


And then random naked picture of Tyler... an omen of bad things to come.

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