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Hub Problems

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every single time, and i mean EVERY single time i try to get on the Hub, my cpu 'occurs problems' and i get that 'end now' prompt. EVERY single time. i get this with NO other websites. wtf is going on? anyone know what i can try?

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EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!! i get the prompt "IE has incountered problems" FUCK THIS IS PISSING ME OFF! is there anyone that has gotton concerts off the hub, that can post them somewhere else?

i've never gotten anything off the hub, but I taped the Yorkfest show and you can download it here: http://www.easytree.org/torrents-details.php?id=12179


if there aren't any seeds, just lemme know and I'll try and seed it (but i'm experienceing problems with seeding this show for some reason)...

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thanks, bu that is the one show i actually have downloaded. it's great. good job recording it. question: when you record no one knows you are doing it correct? cuz wouldn't the band get mad?

well, when i recorded this one, i was standing (actually, it was more like leaning) on the soundboard rig holding the mic pointed at the stage...tech guys were walking back and forth and didn't say anything to me... i'm sure they saw me taping the show as i didn't hide the fact i was taping it at all...the stage was quite far from the soundboard, so i don't think Matt could really see me at all unless he looked at the soundboard (which he didn't)...


maybe it was because it was an outdoor show as well...there wasn't a lot of security and people could just come and go as they pleased off the street...

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Don't worry about links on the MG-Hub site!

I have no idea why the site isn't working for you.


All you need to know is that the hub requires at least 250MB of MG material, and the address to connect to in DC++ is hub.bloodflame.com


Once you're connected to the hub and registered, feel free to ask more questions if you have any trouble


cheers ;)

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