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Books For October

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In case any of you care what I read this month:



1. The Queen's Fool; Phillipa Gregory. WOO. I liked it, but not as much as The Other Boleyn Girl, which seems to be everyone's reaction it. Stupid Philip of Spain. Overall, I'd recommend it, but not as much as its predecessor.


2. Bitten; Kelley Armstrong. Wow. Can you say absotively amazing? I loved it to death. Excellent characters, wonderfully imaginative, and a very different take on the werewolf hierarchy. I recommend it very much.


3. Mistress; Amanda Quick. HAH. Amanda Quick = awesome. That's all.


4. Dancing at Midnight; Julia Quinn. I love this author almost as much as quick. She's insanely witty and dry-humoured. Her books (Regency-era romances) are hilarious and I recommend for a good laugh.


5. Seduced by Moonlight; Laurell K Hamilton. Okay, I don't like the Merry Gentry series as much as her Anita Blake series. The reason why puzzles me. I feel like MG is a reason for Hamilton to have a series that is all sex and no plot. Usually, I'd like that, but the guys are just not as awesome, so I find it pointless. Her first novel in this series, Kiss of Shadows, was very well done. The rest leave something to be desired.


6. With This Ring; Amanda Quick. (See #3)


7. Wolfskin; Juliet Marillier. I can't think about any of Marillier's books without swooning. They are just absolutely fantastic. This book was just as good as her Sevenwaters trilogy, and flowed very well. I heart it death and recommend it to death.


8. When Lightening Strikes; Jenny Carroll. I reread it. And I loved it. Read this if you haven't (I highly doubt you haven't), because this was the Meg Cabot I'll remember in my heart forever.


9. Code Name Cassandra; Jenny Carroll. (See above.)


10. Safe House; Jenny Carroll. (See above the one above.)


11. Voyager; Diana Gabaldon. A BOOK AND A HALF!! I highly recommend this. It's the third novel in the Outlander series, and one of the best. I heart it dearly. Do read it.


Er...so if this list looks a bit meagre, blame...Fu. Kisses.

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The Diana Gabaldon series is amazing! I'm reading it for what I would guess is the 10th time. I'm one of those people that can read books over and over and over. I actually just found out the other day that she is writing the sixth one now. As for the rest - I am going to write them down so I can look some of them up next time I go to the library.

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I'm reading life of Pi. I love it, but find that if there's things going on during the day it's an easy book not to come back too. It holds my attention during reading fine, but doesn't seem to make me want to read when I'm not. *rambles on*

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