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Usa 2004 Elections Results

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Hi all,


since there are many posts here talking about the same, i decided to open a post just for us to write all our reactions on the results in the american elections today...


I have written a lot (probably too much and I apologize if I was repeating many things in different posts, didnt mean to bore you or get you tired with my opinions...) and I can't write more right now


Sending you hugs from Spain, from Europe, with a different point of view on things than Americans



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I am really really surprised that Bush got re-elected. I mean, there was tons of job loss, the US has some absolutely huge debt going on right now, not to mention that so much of the world is against Bush. Maybe the release of the Bin Laden tape had lots to do with it. Convenient isn't it that it came out so close to the election. The President of Russia said that this shows the Americans are not scared - I think it shows the opposite. They are scared shitless and feel that Bush is the only one who can help them.

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I was initially quite surprised that bush was re-elected. Call me naive but I couldn't help but think that there were enough Americans who'd wouldn't stand for Bush and his antics anymore. As I was watching the election coverage on CNN last night, everytime they showed that Bush had won another state my stomach sank lower until I finally accepted that this was really happening. I'm still in a bit of shock, but its times like these I remember how much I love Canada (not that its perfect but I love it all the same)

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i'm disappointed with Bush winning. Not much else to say. I see the other side and why some people would vote for him, but I personally was disgusted by much of his conduct and that of crew (Cheney, Rummy etc.). I just pray we aren't all fucked right up the ass the next 4 years.


The thing i am mad about Bush is that he takes NO resposibility for anything, and he makes nobody accountable for the admin's mistakes. Bush didn't fire anyone after it was discovered there were no WMD in Iraq. He never made anyone in the CIA accountable for the shit-ass intelligence he was given. Yet the director of the CIA, George Tenet, actually quit on his own accord after the CIA's failures of 9/11 and Iraq...yet Bush thought Tenet did a "superb job" and didn't want him to quit. WTF???


And why is Donald Rumsfeld still employed? And/or Cheney? Doesn't somebody have to take resposibilty for the Iraq screw-ups?


My point is that if Bush won't take responsibility for his own mistakes or the mistakes of his admin, and he also won't make anyone accountable within his admin...then it should be the responsibility of the American people to punish Bush and his admin and make them accountable by not voting them back into office.


Thats what also kinda PO'd me during the last Canadian election. The Liberals have become a bunch of lying, arrogant, wasteful, and corrupt bums in government, and IMO they needed to be held accountable by the Canadian voters and be sent the message that we won't put up with that shit. Even if we voted in the NDP or Conservatives in a minority gov't for only 4 years, at least the message would be sent. The Liberals are still in power, unfortunately, but at least they lost much of their power, Chretien is gone, and the message has been sent.

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Americans Re-Elect George W. Bush


George Bush, the most unpopular American President in history outside of the United States, has been re-elected. His re-election says something about the intelligence of the majority of Americans, about American arrogance, about American insularity, and America’s obvious desire to openly claim it’s place in the pantheon of imperial powers.


How are those of us outside of the United States supposed to react to this news?


Prior to 9/11, numerous American administrations were responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in various regions of the world for a variety of pro-American reasons. Freedom was often claimed as the primary reason, which was, of course, one of the justifications given for the invasion of Iraq. It is, I might add, the only justification left of those initially given, as no weapons of mass destruction were found and no connection between Iraq and 9/11 ever existed. Of course, the majority of Americans are completely unfamiliar with the history of their own foreign policy actions, so one can see why they tend to be comfortable living with lies and the liars who tell them.


Never the less, nearly 3,000 Americans died on September 11th, an event that allowed a group of individuals to implement one of the most dangerous foreign policy platforms in US history. It also solidified a place in history for a President who has the deaths of 3,000 Americans to thank for rescuing him from historical obscurity. 9/11 outraged Americans, who simply couldn’t believe that anyone in their right mind would attack such a peaceful, freedom loving country. This led to the blind stereotyping of an entire segment of the world’s population, an entire religion, and influenced the American public to back a series of reckless military campaigns which have since cost the lives of 1000+ Americans, and will most likely result in the first military draft since the Vietnam era. (It matters little what President Bush said during stump speeches or the debates prior to the election).


As a direct result of America’s knee jerk reaction to lash out after 9/11, thousands of innocent Afghanis have lost their lives. Afghanistan remains in turmoil, governed by a man that was once an advisor to one of the largest oil companies in the US (and has his nose so far up the White House’s ass that he might as well be a West Wing janitor). Of course, such realities don’t deter idiotic American conservatives from blabbering on about how Afghanistan is now free.


So is El Salvador, supposedly. Where did 60,000 Salvadorans go before that conclusion was reached? For that matter, how many Guatemalans died after the United States paid for and supported a coup so that they could oust a leader that had the audacity to place the needs of his people before those of an American company?


Since the invasion of Iraq, some 16,000+ innocent Iraqis have been killed, (some 100,000 excess Iraqi deaths have occurred since the war began). Is the rest of the world therefore to believe that Iraqi lives are worth less than American lives?


If so, then what are Canadian lives worth?


The majority of the world believes the United States to be a greater threat to world security than terrorism. What does that say about the re-election of the man that is responsible for producing that opinion? I’m afraid, in the years to come, that Osama Bin Laden will be the least of America’s worries.


What purpose does the US constitution serve when it protects the liberties of a nation that blindly supports the strong-arming of other people? What point is there in keeping up the illusion that the United States is a land that consists of people that love real freedom? If anything , it’s a land in which self interest rules. Indeed, the re-election of George Bush speaks volumes about the American character.


Prior to this moment I held the American people apart from the actions of their government, believing that if they had the chance to reverse what has been done that they would. Unfortunately, I now find that difficult to do.


My children will inherit a more dangerous world because of the outcome of this election. What am I to tell them when they ask why anyone would willingly support such a reckless, tepid, and bigoted man?


The outcome of this election has made clear where the majority of the people of the United States stand. Arm in arm with conquest, greed, and selfish insularity. The rest of the world will pay the price for it. So how, exactly, should the rest of the world be feeling today? Like a target?


Either you're with us or against us. Mr. Bush would do well to remember that it works both ways.



I couldn't have explained it better (specially because I dont have the language ability to do it since English is not my first language). I COMPLETELY share MG's point of view and ideas (that's one of the things why I love MG)

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