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I dunno, maybe this will catch on... what you do is name a band, then someone rates it from 1 to 10 (1 being the worst/lowest rating 10 big the best/highest). So after you rate the band above posted by whoever, you then post a band of your own choosing for the next person to rate and it goes on. I'll start it off.


Modest Mouse.

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2/10. don't like them too much. mind you, i only have 1 cd by them (the bad news one). of the 16 tracks on it, i can only stand 2 of them. and one of them is the single. so thats not too impressive in my books.




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5/10 a decent light rock band. i must say, bad haircut on the singer Johnny R. Dizzy Up the Girl was a pretty big cd. Iris of course was their claim to fame. a little girly for me though. Didn't care for Slide too much either, but i liked Dizzy the title track. The next cd Guttermouth quickly came and went with not much fan fare. I actually really liked the single off of it though. the name escapes me at the moment....



Insane Clown Posse

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