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anyone know any good bio's of Matt? or any information they could share about his life? i read a bio awhile back, but it was all cryptic, and confusing. not much info was given. i was looking for things like his family life growing up, his brother?, college? stuff like that

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I wouldn't use a manifesto as his bio. It's a lot of fiction mixed with fact. Besides, he's already explained that the girl in the story is a mix of 3 women in his past (I think). So, yeah. Keep looking. There used to be a bio on his website. I wonder what happened to it.

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Good call Tim, it was just some information and a good read. I didn't know that "Jenni" was a mix of many different people, innnteresting.


I guess what I'm trying to say is definately don't use it as your only source or anything like that..

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actually whoever said jenni was a combination of 3 people (none of which named jenni) is right.



and from a couple years ago:


When I was eighteen/nineteen years old we lived in a three bedroom townhouse in Port Moody. Those would be the years during which I had to drop out of college and get a job so that I could help my parents out. It was also the time when, in that three bedroom townhouse, we rented out two of the rooms and half the basement to boarders. I slept on a day bed next to a wall made of insulation. I also worked two jobs, six days a week, from 5am until 9pm, painted two full shows worth of work, and taught myself how to play guitar. To this day my mother works seven days a week at three jobs and wouldn’t think to open her mouth to complain about it to a living soul, let alone her son.


She’s 60.


I wouldn’t change any of the past. It all factors in. But I know what it’s like to survive on Beef flavored Mr. Noodles twice a day with powdered drink mixed with tap water. I’m a musician after all, not some fanciful blue blood that thought it romantic to play about on the wrong side of the tracks for a spell for some street credibility. There is more of course but that’s my business, the above given only to make a point. 

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