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Random Mg Songs

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Okay so it's 2am and I still can't sleep, and I was looking at my iTunes list of 25 most played songs, and 24/25 are Matthew Good (Band) because I put all MG songs on shuffle repeat while I sleep pretty much every night.


So since it's all random I found it kind of interesting to see which ones end up playing the most... hahaha... I'm actually curious to hear if anyone does this too, with iTunes and if they have any randomness to share. If not, then oh well. I'm bored. And then you can disregard this thread.


So yeah...

1. Bright End Of Nowhere

2. Song For The Girl

3. Alabama Motel Room (raygun)

4. Double Life

5. Giant

6. Generation X-Wing

7. Long Way Down

8. I Miss New Wave

9. Jenni's Song

10. Alabama Motel Room (lotga)

11. I, The Throw Away

12. Pledge Of Allegiance

13. While We Were Hunting Rabbits

14. Suburbia

15. She's Got A New Disguise

16. Fearless

17. Flashdance II

18. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

19. Haven't Slept In Years (raygun)

20. Sort Of A Protest Song

21. Little Terror

22. Blue Skies Over Bandlands

23. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man

24. The Future Is X-Rated



.... wow, random for sure. I think only like 3 of those would be in my top 10 best... meh, cool to me anyway.

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I dont have iTunes but I find with any list like that (I've had a creative nomad, and winamp) that there are always flaws in the random. Shit w/ Winamp on my big play list I have like 12 hours of music but hear the same 10-15 songs over and over it kinda gets annoying cause most of those arent MG. I've had to stop even using shuffle

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Whenever I shuffle on Winamp it always... always ends up playing Dusk... for some weird reason.... it goes Dusk... then random song.... then back to dusk... then random song.. it's happened like that for a chain of I swear 10 songs.... drove me insane... because Dusk is repetetive, yet enjoyable.

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