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Kinda Dumb Of The Bloc

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Check out http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/Remembr.../700644-cp.html


The jist of it is Richmond's Royal Canadian Legion requested some Canadian flags for Remembrance day from thier MP Andre Bellavance (from the bloc) and he refused to provide them as "providing the flags would be in direct conflict with the Bloc's primary goal of Quebec sovereignty"


But remembrance day isn't about Quebec or Canadian politics, its about honouring the sacrafce that was made so we could have Quebec and Canadian politics and of course the freedom we all enjoy so much.


As if I needed another reason to dislike the bloc

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Ah, the national party with the sole objective of ripping the nation apart. Ever read their little pamphlets outlining their platform? Basically if the Bloc takes majority leadership, they will ignore the entire country outside Quebec for the short time it takes them to separate.


And chances are, the rest of us will get the Liberals right back again :\

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it doesn't suprise me about the bloc.


Its too bad Quebec is situated in the middle of the country. If they were on the coast like BC i wouldn't care much if they seperated. It sure would solve much of the animosity and problems in this country. It still would be very sad, but if thats what they want....

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lol this keeps getting me mad, tonight on the news they have an interview w/ Paul Martin about this and he of course was outraged! But give me a break the liberals didnt seem to care until the media picked up on it. If you look its Mr. Harper who's providing the flags.

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