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Anyone here listen to them? What do you think?


I bought their second cd, In Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth, and was really impressed. I don't know much about the story behind the lyrics (lyrics are supposed to be explained in a series of comic books, I think). The music itself is quite quite good. The keyboard intro at the start of the cd gave me an orgasm the first time i heard it. I recommend you listen to them, or die. ;)

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Yeah, I love Coheed & Cambria!!!

I've got both cds, and I think Claudio's voice is really cool, actually. The music is definitely very cool (and I must agree with the orgasmic keyboard intro)


In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth is a really solid cd, for sure. The title track is amazing.


I think one of my favourites of theirs though would have to be Delirium Trigger... such an awesome song.


Yay for more people liking Coheed here!

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lmfao, you're right. I saw them on Kimmel one day and they looked like nothing like what I expected.


I'm gonna have to go out and buy their first cd to repair the hole in my heart cause sadly between the time i made this thread and now, I lost the IKSSE album ;)


Trying to get the songs off Kazaa isn't working either, they're mostly all scratched. How tragggic

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Yeah Coheed is definitely not one of those bands, at all.


I know the kind you mean, and they're not one of them.

i've heard them described as prog.. not sure if i agree, but they are definitely not screamo.


(i'm listening to the crowing now)

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they are terrible.


I cant fucking STAND this new trend of screaming bands.

these are all kids from the suburbs, what are you so fucking upset about?

your the least opressed human beings in the world. 


First of all before you call them terrible maybe you should actually listen to them and then form an opinion.

Second of all if you actually do give them a chance maybe you will realize that they are in fact not a screaming band and they do not complain about their lives through any of their songs.

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Man, it's not screamo at all. It's just... fucking cool. I can't even generalize it. And maybe that's why it's so cool.


I've studied their lyrics and I don't see any parallelism between any other "screamo" bands. The music isn't even that similar.


P.S. I actually do enjoy a lot of screamo, and admit to it, so I wouldn't be afraid to say that Coheed & Cambria were, if they actually fit into that category. But they don't.


You may think they are shit, but they aren't what you generalized them as.


(I don't mean to sound like a bitch, at all. But I just think I know what I'm talking about here.)

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from mtv.com


"The album Coheed are recording at the moment at Woodstock, New York's Applehead Studios with producers Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner picks up where 2003's In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 left off. Called Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star V - Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness, the Coheed and Cambria mastermind said the record will be the first of two to relay the fourth and final chapter in the Coheed saga.


For the unfamiliar, the Coheed drama — the source material behind the band's first two records as well as a series of comic books Sanchez has released through his company, Evil Ink — takes place in a mystical world, populated by doomed lovers, a vengeful son and a robot (see "Coheed And Cambria Comic Makes Their Story Simple ... Almost").


The story revolves around a married couple — Coheed and Cambria — who must sacrifice their brood, sparing the rest of the known universe from the threat of collapse. One of the children, Claudio, manages to escape, and not long after, Coheed transforms into an evil being called the Monstar — thanks to a serum injected into his bloodstream years ago. Ultimately, the ball's in Monstar's court when it comes to whether the universe will be crushed or salvaged.


Once Good Apollo and the touring behind it is finished, Sanchez said he'll get to work on Volume Two, which hasn't been named yet. And after that album's a wrap, he said the band will hit the studio to record the conclusion to the series, The Bag On Line Adventures of Coheed and Cambria — the prequel to 2002's The Second Stage Turbine Blade, which was the band's first release but the second chapter in the Coheed saga.


"With the past records, the story of Coheed and Cambria is very fictional," Sanchez explained. "On this record, it takes you for kind of a loop, and we now see the story from the writer's perspective, and how the writer's reality is going to affect the outcome of the story. [This record] is probably the most personable Coheed record of them all. There will be songs about things that happen on a normal day for someone that drives them to a point of destroying something they love. And then of course there will be long epics that kind of go back into the concept, and now we see it from the character's perspective and how the character takes dealing with the writer. It's like, 'Wow, none of this really exists. It's just a story and you have to do what the writer says.' It's going to be pretty interesting."


Sanchez said that with Good Apollo, which the band's been working on since Valentine's Day and should see release sometime this fall, he'll simultaneously release a companion graphic novel. So far, Coheed have written the album's 13 tracks, including the song "Ten Speed of God's Blood and Burial."


"The recording process has been different for this album," he said. "In the past, we usually did it like, we'd record all the drums, we'd record all the bass, the guitars and so on and so forth until we'd get to the vocals and then we'd be done. But with this one, we've sectioned it off. We've done three or four tracks, and kind of fleshed them out to a point where they're almost complete. But then there are all the others that're just sitting and waiting to get tapped. It's a slicker Coheed, I think. I just can't wait for it to be finally done, for the story to be told, but it's so far from being done it's ridiculous."


— Chris Harris"



new album, new dvd just released, and new comic coming in july...


fuck yeah

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