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Electronic Voting Systems

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Electronic voting systems need another few years of development before they'll be any use at all.


Last year's Student Union election you could vote online and there was HUGE problems with that, you could hijack other ppls voting rights, candiates complained b/c most of the votes were registerd for the people who were selected by default (cause most ppl are like me and only cared about the plebicites). All in all it was a major gong show, we almost lost our U-pass b/c of it. Luckily it was resolved w/o having to toss out the entire election but still.

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As an Electrical Engineer, and member of the IEEE (International society of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) I receive a monthly publication called Spectrum. In Octobers Spectrum there is an article titled "Et Tu, E-Voting?"


The article has a number of comments on the E-Voting systems: "In election after election, machines have crashed or failed to boot up at all, or experienced other software glitches or power-related hardware problems. Perplexed, under-trained operators only made matters worse". "But in their rush to deploy the new technology, voting officials are in some cases giving up on one of the fundamental requirements of a well-run election: the ability to do an independent recount".


The article is strangely prophetic of the event of this week. It makes a few comments about a close race, and an uproar this November.



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I wonder how many more wrong votes will be found. And votes were lost because the computer had too much data? Man oh ma, why were they in such a rush to go electronic? Makes me think democracy isn't quite as important to them as you'd think.

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