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Movies That Suck

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It's not cliched dialog!!!!!!! It is beautiful and brilliant Mamet dialog. Val Kilmer does an incredible job of playing a character who we like and know absolutely nothing about (not an easy task). Granted the plot is a tiny bit shakey, but Mamet is truly amazing in his ability to tell the story with out having the actors tell the story (damn near impossible to do). It is a five-star movie.


(I love Mamet--just in case you couldn't tell)

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wow you guys are trashing some good movies....the mighty ducks movies are terrific, well not terrific, but fun....starship troopers was one of the best campy/crappy movies ever made...hell if we look at all the fall out from that movie we see the genious: the fact that StarCraft is allegedly a rip off of it (well that and warhammer 20K)...and the starship trooper armour was used in firefly, which was a great show.... and final fantasy was pretty, and thats what it was meant to be, an expiriment in computer graphics ...and well the plot sucked, but it was some stunning visuals


i have crappy tatses in movies

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Kilmer's character was unrealistic and not the least bit original. And that soldier lady that dies near the end, that was the most overdone death scene I'd ever seen. Although this movie does get bonus points for having Ed O'Neil in it, that man is a hero.

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