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The Incredables

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it's not only, maybe the best computer animated movie ive ever seen, but it's one of the most well done movies aswell. It was very well written. It appeals to a wide audience


for half the movie I was trying to remember where I'd heard jason lee's voice before. Thats the only thing that bothered me .

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A very entertaining film...though Shrek 2 is big competition come Oscar time...

If you want to see a brilliant Anime go rent "The Triplets of Bellville"

Shrek 2 would be some competition if it was any good.

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Rented and watched it yesterday after hearing that it was awesome so many times. It's definitely not "my type of movie," but was pretty good nonetheless. Sure it wasn't terribly original or even all that funny for that matter. But entertaining enough. The 3.5/5 verdict was fair.

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