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playlists as in media player playlist or are you refering to the concert set lists?


I wouldn't mind seeing a place where all the setlists are in one place to cut back on the many posts about them. But being at the end of the tour i can't see there being a large demand until the next tour except for a "which was better" talk.

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in any case (and sorry, NearFantastica, it's not a question of "rivalry" ;) ) but on another website for MG - "Disorientation" - they are posting some of the setlists of the last tour (mattgood.imgarbage.com)


I hope I'm allowed to write this here :angry: We can always ask for permission to take that info and post it here too

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I think it would be interesting, if it were possible, to see which songs tend to get "messed with" over time. That is, which songs get acoustic versions, altered verses, different mixes with other songs, etc. Of course, I know that this might be just as tough as obtaining setlists from LOTGA shows, but still, anything at all would be interesting.

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