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Just Came Back From The Montreal Show...

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Wow. Thank you Matt. Thank you for a wonderful show. Makes me wish I could have followed him around Canada. Maybe next time. Anyways, since my memory is bloody terrible and can't remember the exact setlist order, all I can remember is:


Started off with Blue Skies & finished with Can't Get Shot in the Back. Encore consisted of Apparitions acoustic, Empty Road and Can't Get....Went into the break with Hello Time Bomb. We had The Rat & Carmelina from Audio. Good stuff. Besides that, very heavy from the new album. Also, nice hearing Giant again...


I LOVED the banter in between songs, especially before the last verse in North American for Life how the group just stopped and Matt was talking about Afghanistan. Funny stuff.


Somebody help with the exact setlist. Sorry for my memory!!


p.s. sorry to the people that I was supposed to meet up with - I had some car problems and got there late!!!

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From my signed setlist:


Blue Skies



Alert Status Red

North American

Little Terror


Future Is X-Rated

Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man's Grey

Bad Idea




Load Me Up/Carmelina

Empty Road

Can't Get Shot




Aur Der Maur was awesome, she is sex personified on stage. I might just have to buy her CD. Instead of Limblifter, we got some local Mtl band I didn't know. They were alright, nothing special, and one of the guitarists was having major tech issues.


Pretty standard MG show, he rocked out pretty hard during the first 2 songs. Rich seemed kind of out-of-it at first, but he livened up soon. Pat and Christian were their normal selves. During the break in North American where they used to jam out, Matt pulled out some papers with drawings on them and gave us an idiot's guide to Afghanistan. Funny shit, in a sad kinda way. He dedicated ASR to John Ashcroft, and likened him to a real estate agent ("If he can sell bullshit at a federal level, well, the sky's the limit"). There was a pineapple and a bottle of wine beside Rich's amp, and when they left the stage, Pat carried the pineapple off. I dunno what the deal was with that.


After-show, I picked up a setlist from a roadie, and headed to the back where the buses were, hung out with randoms, and then bouncer dude told us to form a line and Matt would sign our shit, so we all went in one at a time and met Matt. I told him I'd see him in 4 days in Kingston...I guess in retrospect that sounds kinda stalker-ish, but oh well. In closing, my ears are still ringing.



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Thats similar to the show in hamilton, we also go the flash card presentation between versus in north amarican for life. Its too bad i didn't have time to hang around in hamilton and see if i could meet matt. I had to get going as i had to drive the group i was with home.


And i dont think there was a guy i Hamilton that didn't just stare at auf der maur, especially when she asked if any guys were horses as she loves riding horses, ;)


Oh and did Matt do anything special to end off the tour?

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Oh and did Matt do anything special to end off the tour?

That's the thing: not really. I know my friend was a bit dissapointed because he thought maybe, since it was the last show and he couldn't play last time, that Matt would play an extra half hour or something. But, I guess not. Oh well...


In terms of the banter, he was going on about how at the end of the tour, the crowd doesn't understand jokes because every joke is an inside joke and people are confused. And, he was going on about how John Ascroft will and should step down. You know, the usual political banter..

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Wow... the show was AMAZING! I guess everyone else pretty much covered the details, but I figured I'd throw something in. The first opening band was called Mobile and I thought they were pretty good, but I really didn't care for Auf Der Maur.

I got a chance to meet Matt after the show and I actually got a little star-struck, which is highly unlike me, but we talked politics and other things and it was everything I could have wanted it to be. And he signed my setlist.


It was also nice to get a chance to meet some other Matt Good fans!


(Sorry for the lack of a coherent post... I got in at about 5am and had to get up early to do some work)

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Yea I just got in from the Montreal show and it was awesome. Much better than Ottawa. Matt really kicked ass this time. I got a drumstick and got it signed and met Matt again. He's the man. I asked him when any new music was coming out and he said that it will take about a year before he starts working on any new stuff. I guess that leaves him time to fill in his blog. My only disappointment is that he didn't play Avalanche last night. ...Sigh... Weapon and all the hard rocking songs were as good as ever. I'm surprised that he played The Future Is X-rated and Load Me Up. That was a nice little treat. Overall, I'm in Matt Good Live withdrawl right now. Peace

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Sweet, sounds really similar to the Hamilton show infact....Mg was knocking Ashcroft aswell as The Afghanistan president... or something. He also mentioned becoming Super Dave for some reason.... and in response to the e-mail (posted on the blog) that called him French.... Rich apparently suggested that Matt do the setlist in French.... lol, Hamilton show was classic.

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I was also at the Mtl show, kicked complete ass! I did like it better than the Ottawa show (which also kicked ass) except for in Ottawa we got Avalanche and Pledge of Allegiance.


Almost died with Future is X-Rated (although it was more of a combined song with Put Out your Lights), and Giant.


Defenitly rocked out though. I havn't seen Matt since 1999 at Salmon Fest in Newfoundland and I saw him twice in the last month or so. Good times... (excuse the pun)

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Oh, I forgot one more piece of banter: Matt was mentioning how Rich should *really* keep his hat on and save us the trouble of seeing his hair. Found that funny...

Too funny... Rich IS putting on quite the fur-coat lately. I heard Christian say that in the mornings, Rich looks like a bear that's just come out of hibernation...


Nice... still sexy tho...!! =)

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