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Matthew Good {band} Elimination

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Results From Group C

9th Place Match

Suburbia 13 vs Running For Home 11


7th Place Match

Avalanche 11 vs Advertising On Police Cars 13



7TH PLACE = Adveristing on Police Cars

8TH PLACE = Avalanche

9TH PLACE = Suburbia

10TH PLACE = Running For Home

-- Also that round had one of the lowest voting totals and that hurts ;)



1) Apparitions (85-16 –Ranked #1)

---“Apparitions” results:

Round 1: The War is Over 19-1

Round 2: Jenni’s Song 17-2

Round 3: Alert Status Red 26-4

Round 4: Avalanche 23-9


2) Weapon (80-22 –Ranked #2)

---“Weapon” results:

Round 1: Middle Class Gangsters 17-4

Round 2: I The Throw Away 19-3

Round 3: Tripoli 19-11

Round 4: My Out of Style is Coming Back 25-4


3) Strange Days (77-28 –Ranked #3)

---“Strange Days” results:

Round 1: Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance 22-1

Round 2: Flashdance II 16-3

Round 3: The Future is X-Rated 19-12

Round 4: Suburbia 20-12


4) Prime Time Deliverance (62-33 –Ranked #4)

---“Prime Time Deliverance” results:

Round 1: In Love With a Bad Idea 16-4

Round 2: Lullaby For The New World Order 17-5

Round 3: Load Me Up 16-9

Round 4: Advertising on Police Cars 16-13


5) Giant (60-32 –Ranked #5)

---“Giant” results:

Round 1: She’s Got a New Disguise

Round 2: Fated 15-7

Round 3: Hello Time Bomb 16-9

Round 4: Failing The Rorschach Test 12-11


6) While We Were Hunting Rabbits (68-37 –Ranked #6)

---“While We Were Hunting Rabbits” results:

Round 1: Hopeless 18-2

Round 2: The Inescapable Us 14-8

Round 3: A Boy and His Machine Gun 19-12

Round 4: Running For Home 17-15




Please Vote Using the Following Format:

1) Song You Like The Least of the 6 Songs

2) Song You Like The 2nd Least of the 6 Songs


A Vote For 1) (aka the least favourite) will count as 1.5 points

A Vote For 2) (aka the 2nd least fave) will count as 1.0 points


The 2 songs with the top 2 counted points will be relegated.


My Picks:

(1) Strange Days (I like Strange Days a million times more than Giant.. but I need to use strategy to bump Strange Days out!)

(2) Giant


Prediction: I think Giant and wow that second pick is hard to make.. but since Strange Days did beat out Suburbia.. im thinking While We Were Hunting Rabbits will bite the dust as well.

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1) Prime Time Deliverance

2) While We Were Hunting Rabbits



... the reason the voting totals were so low is that people are pissed that wicked songs like Suburbia and Advertising On Police Cars are in the lower half of the top 12... BULLSHIT... (well, i don't know if this is the reason, but it's still bullshit)

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Prime Time




I can't see it any other way.....How can you vote off Weapon, Strange Days, or Apparitions..... how did they lose in the first place... this is completely corrupt.

No no they didnt lose at all.. not yet.

The two songs that get voted off.. will face off.

The winner finished 5th the loser takes 6th.


The other 4 songs who dont get voted off, will face off in two semi final matches to determine the top 4.

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