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The Kee

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I've seen Matt play at the Kee 4 times now... ;) Wow, that sounds kinda psycho...lol No, I used to live in Muskoka, so it was really close. It's by far one of my favorite venues....sooo many memories... *sigh*


He's already played there twice this summer, so I highly doubt he'll be returning anytime soon.

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I live in Muskoka too! When I'm not at school, that is. Miss new wave, where are you from?!


I've seen him at the Kee twice, and they were both amazing, stellar shows. I would have seen him there more, but the other times they were 19+ shows.


So yeah, 2/5 Matthew Good experiences for me have been at the Kee. The others were 2 @ Kool Haus and one at the Hamilton Convention Centre.


Mmmm Keeeeeee...


P.S. He usually plays at least once there a summer, so you should be in luck. Maybe even twice. Like, one in July, one in September. He likes the venue, I've heard. They have good accoustics.

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Kee is a great venue, I'm lovin' that he's doing such small venues now, the first time I saw Matt was in a fairly big stadium setting (on that tour with Moist and Gob back around Beautiful Midnight's time) and it didn't even come close to stacking up to the experiences I've had at smaller venues like the Palace (Calgary), Kee (Muskoka), or the Drink (London) that I've seen him at since... good on him for taking these smaller venues on!

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