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"Five Bush qualities

Instead of just crediting his family name or Rove, Bush's extraordinary political success is probably owed to at least five key things: (1) great political fundamentals, including an ability and willingness to raise large sums of money; (2) an ability to propose a clear, coherent and easily understandable policy agenda (e.g., "compassionate conservatism"); (3) an ability to attract, manage and retain a strong team of advisers (e.g., Rove, Ken Mehlman, Ed Gillespie, Karen Hughes, Matthew Dowd and others); (4) a willingness to go for the jugular -- repeatedly and without remorse (e.g., the "flip-flopper" label, gay marriage issue, South Carolina primary in 2000); and perhaps most important (5) a willingness to take a risk repeatedly (e.g., targeting Democratic Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle for defeat, offering a Social Security overhaul plan proposal, relying and counting on an evangelical turnout plan)."

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It seems weird using the words Bush and quality in the same sentence.

lol it depends on what type of bush you're reffering too ;)


But if we're talking about President Shrub yeah quality and him dont seem to fix together. Maybe w/ a sledge hammer and some duct tape.

Are you saying that quality vaginas exist?

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Guys are so lucky. If any of them ever got surrounded by an angry mob of republicans (hey it could happen) and got harrassed about whether they support Bush or not they could fake it so easily. 'Hey man, I love bush. I can't imagine life without bush. Bush gives me a reason to live'

But seriously, do you actually say 'quality bush'? Like 'wow check out that centerfold. There's some quality bush'? Or 'I had some quality bush last night'?

Bored minds gotta know.

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