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Since there was no tour to support Audio of Being, i'm wondering which of these songs have been played live, and when did they appear?

for instance on the summer 2001 tour (handguns and hard liquour rev.)for loser anthems i heard he debuted 3 songs live. (i know of two of them - Under the Influence, Fall of Man) what was the other?


also, i believe that this last Put Out Your Lights tour was the debut of Rat, and Carmelina. is this correct? or have those songs been played before?


i seem to also recall hearing that Tripoli, Advertising, and Worker sing a song of Mass Production have been played sometime? what bout Anti pop, etc...?

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I wrote this in the Fredericton thread:

The Audio Of Being songs that he's played live that I know of are:

Carmelina (Put Out Your Lights Tour)

Tripoli (2002 tour)

Avertising On Police Cars (2002)

I think he played Fall Of Man in 2002 but I haven't heard it

Under The Influence (Avalanche and POYL tours)

The Rat who Would Be King (POYL tour)

The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production (POYL tour-I still haven't heard this)

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Carmelina, Fall of Man, and Under the Influence were first played live at the end of 2000/ beginning of 2001. Then the band played Fall of Man and Under the Influence during the Hard Liquor and Handguns Tour of 2001. After that, the band broke up. When Matt came back as a solo artist he played Advertising on Police Cars and Tripoli at shows in 2002. Now, in 2004, on the Put Out Your Lights Tour he has debuted The Rat Who Would Be King and The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production live as well as brought back Carmelina for the first time since those shows at the end of 2000/beg 2001. I have seen all of the songs played live except The Workers... and oddly enough, it is my favourite one of all of them. I suck. Bye.

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AOB songs that were played on the 2001 summer tour: the fall of man AND under the influence ...

at the following shows


Memorial Arena

Victoria, British Columbia

June 20, 2001


Sport Mart Place

Kamloops, British Columbia

June 22, 2001


Prince George Multiplex

Prince George, British Columbia

June 23, 2001


Canada Games Arena, The Crystal Centre

Grande Prairie, Alberta

June 25, 2001


The Centrium

Red Deer, Alberta

June 26, 2001


Enmax Centre

Lethbridge, ALberta

June 27, 2001


Calgary Stampede

Calgary, Alberta

June 29, 2001


Northlands Coliseum

Edmonton, Alberta

June 30, 2001


The Forks

Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 01, 2001


Kingswood Music Theatre

Maple, Ontario

July 06, 2001

(interesting note about this show, the boys did " Load Me Up / Rock You Like A Hurricane" .... wish i had seen that!)


Delaware Speedway Park

Komoka, Ontario

July 07, 2001


Tall Ships Challenge

Port Colborne, Ontario

July 08, 2001

(another cover, this time ac/dc ... worked hello timebomb into "thunderstruck")



Montreal, Quebec

July 10, 2001


LeBreton Flats

Ottawa, Ontario

July 11, 2001


Indy Grounds

Vancouver, British Columbia

July 28, 2001



ALSO, he did throw out a couple loser anthems tracks on this tour, as he made 'the man from harold wood', 'flashdance II' and 'life beyond the minimum safe distance' staples on the setlist.



hope that answers the original question

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