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Everybody Hates The Bloc Quebecois

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MPs Should Pledge Allegiance


Seems like a good idea to me....


The simple fact that this party has any power on the Hill is testament to how screwed up our system of government really is. Technicalities or no, common sense dictates that you do not allow openly traiterous organisations to have political power, especially when they intentionally disrupt the day to day workings of the nation as a way of driving home thier own unpopular agenda. They want to separate, fine. We don't need a whole political party based on the division of the country they're paid to serve.


I'd planned to rant some about this country's general attitute toward the Canadian Forces, but that'd probably take me an hour to write...so I'll leave it for another time.

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they shouldn't be allowed to be a group for that reason alone...

maybe i've been brought up alot different then the rest of the world, but ive always been taught to give my elders, esp. veterans, my utmost respect and i have no problem doing that. old people are great. screw anyone that challenges that.

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well, the people of Quebec chose and well, that's how democracy works. There's nothing you can do about it.


Besides, it was just one of the rookie MPs that was doing that, because he felt that "he didn't have to". He was given a reprimand for it afterwards. As an MP, he should've known better but I guess he let his own feelings get in the way of serving his constituents...

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