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Alert Status Vid

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Drummer in Alert Status Red


Who is the female drummer in the Alert Status Red Video? What happened to Pat?


Date: 26 Jun 2004 20:33


Her name is Lana Ryma and she used to play for an old Vancouver indie band called "Ten Days Late", as for what happened to Pat... I don't know. He's still playing for Matt I believe.

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who cares if drugs are involved or alcohol. Everyone has some fix and if you don't, then you're insane. You're fix could be a book, weed,beer, sex, music, ect

I don't think Matt was pissed off about the drug comment. Things just get started on the internet and turn into rumors. Like the cancellation of the whole tour?

The amount of shit people can make up and believe is amazing. I'm not pointing my comment at anyone, so no one get all Janet Jackson tittie scandal like on my face, yo.

Hahha, anyway.....

I don't believe anything I read on the internet about people unless I've heard it from their mouth.

It's like playing telephone as a kid, the message gets so fucked up in the end, you don't know what the real thing was in the beginning.

You have to ask the first person.

Well, I'm going to bed....

I probably dunno what I'm saying.

Good-night all!

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Well Matt Good used to post there because he's friends with the guy who runs it. Some of the people who post there decided to start posting negative things about him such as: the new record sucks, he's a phony, he's a hypocrite, he's a whiny bitch, and other things that were attacks on his character. There were some heated arguments (I would say flame wars) between Matt Good and these people. Some of the things that Matt said in anger were taken the wrong way and I guess some people took some things personally that weren't directed at them. Matt got tired of all the crap and decided not to post anymore.


Someone else could probably explain this better.

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