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Kingston Show

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I was at the show last night in kingston. I can confirm that he said it was going to be his last show for a long time. In regards to the show, it was another awesome performance. Pretty much did the same set that i saw in montreal with the exception of everything is automatic. He also didn't do can't get shot in the back. Mobile opened the show for him....pretty decent sound but their sound and lyrics especially come across as highschoolish in comparison to matt....def have potential to be a great band though....


I was little disspointed with rich and the other guitarist. I found they were pretty emotionless and were simply "going through the motions". This, of course, is not a big issue for matt, i think, has a tremendous stage precense. I also think the drummer is just incredible...does anyone know how long he has been with matt? Also, what do these guys do when matt is on sabtical? Do they go along with him??hahaha....any answer comments would be appreciated. Cheers.

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Pat IS incredible...such a talented drummer. I believe he's been with Matt since the Avalanche recording days, i.e. early 2002.


As for what they do when Matt is on sabatical...I know that Christian is in another band, and Pat plays for different bands kindof on a casual basis, whenever they need him and he's available. Rich...I'm not too sure..

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...Rich...I'm not too sure..

I read a press release from




"Rich is actively involved in business management of several young artists, as well as developing and guiding new talent...Rich as an Ambassador for Covenant Corporation...he will talk about Covenant during interviews, promote Covenant to others in the music industry, facilitate meetings with other artist and industry insiders who would benefit from Covenant's products and services, promote Covenant to his fan base, and allow Covenant to use his likeness"


Sounds like he'll be a busy guy, I guess.



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Everything Is Automatic

Alert Status Red

North American For Life

The Rat Who Would Be King

The Future Is X-Rated

Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man's Grey

In Love With A Bad Idea

Hello Timebomb

Blue Skies Over Badlands


Load Me Up


It's Been Awhile

Empty Road



Completed my trifecta of signed setlists, but I got Rich and Christian on this one instead of Matt.



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