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Matthew Good Band Elimnation

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Results From Round 5A: Vote Off


Weapon -- 1 first vote + 0 second votes = 3 vote off points

Apparitions -- 1 first vote + 4 second votes = 5.5 vote off points

Giant -- 7 first votes + 6 second votes = 16.5 vote off points

Prime Time Deliverance -- 3 first votes + 6 second votes = 10.5 vote off points

Strange Days -- 5 first votes + 2 second votes = 9.5 vote off points

While We Were Hunting Rabbits = 5 first votes + 5 second votes = 12.5 vote off points.





Giant (60-32 –Ranked #5) vs While We Were Hunting Rabbits (68-37 – Ranked #6)

---“Giant” results:

Round 1: She’s Got a New Disguise

Round 2: Fated 15-7

Round 3: Hello Time Bomb 16-9

Round 4: Failing The Rorschach Test 12-11

Round 5: Voted Off With 16.5 Vote Off Points


---“While We Were Hunting Rabbits” results:

[iRound 1: Hopeless 18-2

Round 2: The Inescapable Us 14-8

Round 3: A Boy and His Machine Gun 19-12

Round 4: Running For Home 17-15

Round 5: Voted Off With 12.5 Vote Off Points


Since While We Were Hunting Rabbits escaped the vote off round with the 2nd most points, it receives a bonus point.


So currently WWWHR has 1 point to Giant's zero.


My Pick: While We Were Hunting Rabbits.. this cannot be lower than Giant... no freakin way!


Prediction: WWWHR seems to be hugely popular. I'm guessing it takes 5th place.

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Wow, that's still a really hard match-up.


I must go with Giant, however... because it's just classic. Probably the best album opener... and just, stellar.


WWWHR is an amazing song, but it's put against a song you have trouble saying no to. They are two very different songs so it's hard to compare.


So with that....yeah,


------ GIANT!!!!!! -------

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