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New Rules

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The new rules can be accessed here: https://www.nearfantastica.com/bored/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules


Please review them before posting.


Near Fantastican Charter of Rights:


We, the posters and contributors of NearFantastica.com, whole heartedly agree to post and contribute by these rules. We understand that posting on NearFantastica.com is a privilege and not a right. We also understand that we are only entitled to three warnings before receiving a suspension and that those suspensions can lead to permanent bans. All posters are also entitled to one appeal before a ban decision is decided upon. Creation or use of another account during this period will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Multiple accounts are not permitted to the general public at any time.


I) All posters, regardless of gender, sexual-orientation, race, age, or education, will be treated equally and with respect. No post will be considered stupid nor will it be modified by a community liaison without just cause and a recorded explanation unless the said post or thread is in clear violation of the charter. These records can be obtained by private messaging one of the community liaisons.


II) Members of the community are expected to respect one another. Failure to comply can result in a warning and can eventually lead up to a suspension or ban. Public arguments between users (e.g. flame wars) will result in an immediate revocation of the offenders’ posting privileges. Legitimate debates are not covered by this rule if they are indeed deemed legitimate. Violators of this rule will be notified.


III) Canadian law is applicable throughout this forum so any violations of these laws will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Canadian laws can be reviewed through this address ( http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/ ).


IV) Members of the community are not to post excessively for the purpose of gaining NF$ alone nor are they allowed to beg others for NF$. Members are not to advertise other sites without the express permission of a community liaison. Members should also try there best at keeping on topic.


V) If your account has been banned or suspended, you are not allowed to create another account. Failure to comply will result in an immediate ban.


VI) Signatures may contain images but are limited to two. These images should not exceed the page width nor be larger than 160 pixels tall. Please keep the file size to a minimum. Your signature may also contain links to other sites but no more than two. If you choose to have a text only signature then you’re allowed a maximum of seven individual lines. The text size should be kept reasonable and limited to two colours. If you have any questions feel free to ask a community liaison.


VII) Users are encouraged to report violations through the “Report Button” and to help the general community out by informing violators of their infractions.


VIII) Impersonating / stealing the identity of celebrities or other users is strictly forbidden. Identity theft is illegal and will result in a permanent ban.


IX) Overly offensive or overly vulgar posts will be locked and or moved into the recycling bin.


Things to know: 60 posts will get you access to the lounge and so will purchasing a pass in the NF store.


Remember, if you see a violation, please click the "Report" button on the post.

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