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Mg/b Singles

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anyone have any singles by MG/B?


i ownn the IAWCC single. no interesting b-sides though. just the video extra. other than that, i've never seen any other singles, otherwise i woulda bought them! i'm sure there was some for hits like TimeBomb, Load Me Up, Strange Days. anyone have any of these? what are the extra tracks? live stuff, new songs, etc?

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Yeah it kinda sucks.. none of the singles have any new songs.

The "remix" versions of Everything is Automatic on the EIA single.. is the same version on the US copy of Beautiful Midnight.


The only awesome single would be Australian HTB single.. with Fated and a clearer version of Flashdance II. *you can hear the intro better*

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i have only the hello timebomb single ...

i did however order the IAWCC single from sunrise ... for some reason its an international order (random?), so it should be here in a few weeks.


i advise goin into to your local music shop and inquiring. its only gonna cost like 6.99 or somethin cheap like dat.

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