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Condi Rice

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Powell is around 60 or so I believe. Anyway, I think Powell just left before the whole Falujah thing got worse... either that or he suddenly realized how screwed up the world would turn out with Mr. Bush back in power. I don't think we'll be seeing a black president any time soon either nor will we see a female president.

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I think there might be another factor: his wife.

I can't recall where I read it but I remember reading that his wife threatened to leave him if he didn't get out of politics. I guess he was given four years...

thats true. His wife was dead-set against Powell running for President. But i think the reason Powell got out was that the rest of the admin shit on most of his ideas. I also heard Powell was upset at the way they used him in front of the UN to garner support.


Some guy who has worked in the White House the last 4 presidencies said on CNN that the fighting between Powell and the rest of the Bush inner-circle was the worst he's ever seen.


and all i got to say about Condi Rice is....


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I agree with you. At least Powell seemed to be able to question the administration's policies...or at least that's the way he was viewed on the world stage.


I'm not sure how old Powell is but could he be a dark horse for the 2008 Republican nomination?

He was a puppet too, but the most level headed of the administration, he tried to question them, but it was a losing battle....and darkhorse....is that a pun?

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Does Bush not have the right to surround himself with advisors that think the way he does? I would hope so.


I am also against neo-conservatism, but to call Dr. Rice or Colin Powell a "puppet" is foolish. Their job is to advance the policies of the administrion, not to formulate their own.

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